Charles I Endel at
Thu Jun 27 11:14:58 PDT 1996

Charles I was executed in 1649.  Ansteorrans do not usually seem perturbed by
Cavalier-type garb as long as firearms are generally avoided.  I personally
feel that by allowing a little leeway the SCA attracts more people and is less
likely to have splinter groups.  The SCA has not gained many members in Great
Britain; I think this is because Great Britain has a large number of narrowly
focused groups.  On the internet I have seen groups in Great Britain that
were limited to the Celts, to the Vikings, to the Norman Conquest, to
Elizabethan and Jacobean periods, etc.  I think there is strength in numbers,
and this helps sustain the SCA.
Laird Alan MacRonan MacCalum, head of the Keep of the Haunted Grove and member
of House Mac an Ghabbhinn
(Allan Endel, endel at

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