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><Mikjal Annarbjorn<"Michael A. Chance" <mchance at>>>
>>A fencer from *GRIMFELLS*?!?  I'd always thought that Grimfells was
>>the heart of the Calontir anti-fencing movement.  She's certainly not
>>doing any official practice at home, if true.
>Don't be silly.  Of COURSE they don't fight there.  That would be, as I
>understand it, against their Kingdom's Law.  
>The event she won, however, was in Ansteorra. :)
More to the point both Timothy and Theresa were both residents in NE
Ansteorra (Northkeep <Tulsa>, Gryphons roost?<Muskogee>) prior to moving to
Grimfells.  The parents of one or both are still in NK.  They use this as an
excuse to visit our fighters practices twice a month or more.  I once asked
Timothy about any problems he may be having with Pavel about fencing and his
reply was simply "Oh I don't have any.  I use his shop regularly to work on
light weapons gear and we get along well.  We have an agreement... We don't
talk about it." <BG>

There are several others in Calontir who participate in light weapons when
they come down here.  Fredrick Park being perhaps one of the most notable.
Just as with heavy weapons, he is a quick and diciplined fighter who handles
himself well.  There are even a few others who are, I would surmise, part of
the "Anti-fencing movement" who play light weapons when they come down here.
Their objections to light fighting in Calontir being based on the method of
execution or the concept of "street brawling" more than anything else.
True, there are some who are rabid on the subject and they've tarnished the
image of those who pose cogent questions and present well reasoned thoughts
on the subject.  Please, I'm not trying to start a flame war here only
trying to address M'lord Mikjal's incredulity.  There is much to be admired
and questioned in both kingdoms.


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