Wanted- Pennsic driver

Mark Harris mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com
Fri Jun 21 14:14:17 PDT 1996

My wife and I are looking for an individual or couple to help 
us share the expense and driving to Pennsic.

Since I do not drive long out of town distances, the 28-30
hour drive to Pennsic is rather difficult for my wife to do
by herself.

We are looking for a safe driver comfortable driving a 
Dodge Caravan mini-van towing a small cargo trailer. Our
estimates of fuel cost is around $200 divided by the
number of people.

Or if you know of an individual or couple looking for a pair 
of riders to Pennsic to share costs in their vehicle, please 
let us know.

We were looking at leaving for Pennsic around Wed., August 7 or 
Thurs the 8th and leaving Pennsic on Sunday, August 18, although 
this is open to discussion.

For those out of the Austin area, we could make arrangements to
meet along the way.

Stefan li Rous
Alina Mitchell

markh at risc.sps.mot.com

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