Gulf War Question

Chris and Elisabeth Zakes moondrgn at
Wed Mar 6 03:46:38 PST 1996

>Silly question?!? NEVER...I would like to know what the standards are for eye
>protection so one can marshal.  I asked this question many months BEFORE LAST
>YEAR'S Gulf War and never got an answer.  I have a pair of high impact
>raquetball glasses and want to know  if they will be acceptable or not.  
>Geez I just love the information we get before a BIG event....

This isn't "Official", but it is based on my experience of the last couple
of years. Meridies apparently requires eye protection for marshals in
situations with combat archery. In the last two Gulf Wars, they've had a big
box of lab goggles that they handed out to the marshals. 
I expect that racquetball glasses would be fine, and they'd probably
appreciate someone bringing their own gear. (Personally, I just went out and
bought some paintball goggles.)

     -Tivar Moondragon

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