Response from Sir Barn on GW

Patricia Horton horton at
Wed Mar 6 08:39:50 PST 1996

Here is the response I received from Sir Barn:

Just heard from Bar.  He says that the rule is each kingdom must
play by its own combat standards.  In other words, he can't speak 
for Trimaris/Meridies, but Ansteorrans will use only what is legal in 
THIS kingdom - 9 foot spears, 6 foot polearms.  He is also certain 
that other kingdoms' standards do not exceed the 9 foot spear length.
He doesn't know for sure about their polearm lengths.  Still, the 
bottom line is we use only Ansteorra-legal weapons if we are 
Ansteorra-authorized fighters - no matter what the other side uses. 
For the most part, it will be up to each kingdom's marshals to enforce 
their own rules during weapons inspection.

On the goggles question, Bar thinks that raquetball goggles would be 
ok.  They aren't going to set a definite standard, so people need to 
use some common sense - They should remember that the purpose of 
said goggles is to prevent something with the speed and force of a 
"thistle-missile" arrow from impacting with their eye.  If they 
choose eye protection with this in mind, they will do fine.  Bar 
recommends the soft-sided safety goggles with a strap (as opposed to 
ear pieces).  Glasses-style eye protection won't provide much by 
way of impact resistance and may not be deemed sufficient.

(Yep, looks like goggles will be required for melees that use missle 
 weapons -- Maire)


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