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Fri Mar 1 11:25:26 PST 1996

Lorraine writes:
>ted 96-02-29 03:10:39 EST, you write:
>>>KbSCA was an unofficial recognition created for 
>>>Starhelm and only Starhelm.
>>>It is recognized by the Meridian knights and the 
>>>Kingdom, but, has no
>>>"official" standing outside of the Kingdom.
>Then is he recognized as a knight in the rest of 
>the Society or only in
>Meridies?  I'm a bit confused...

 l> He is recognized a Knight but probably because some political fracus
 l> was given this designation in Meridies. If you look in our OP you will
 l> see he is listed as a Knight.

 l> Lorraine
Political/Personal - Sir Starhelm cannot/will not swear personal fealty to a
King/Queen for personal reasons (which are *personal*, so don't ask me what
they are - if I knew I still wouldn't discuss it, but I don't know, so don't
ask me). The Meridians decided that he greatly deserved knighthood, but
aparrently have a long-standing tradition of not making Masters of Arms. The
Knight Bachelor was a compromise allowing a deserved award to be given without
either forcing Starhelm to deviate from his position on personal fealty *or*
forcing His then-Majesty of Meridies to deviate from Kingdom tradition/politics
- while saving face on both sides. It is, I may note, an elegant compromise
which is also period in application (with the usual disclaimer about times and
cultures).         An example that some others might do well to follow,
considering recent converstion on the Rialto. BTW, as mentioned in an earlier
post, Sir Starhelm *does* swear an oath of service and loyalty to the *Kingdom*
of Meridies.
Just my two bits ( two cents won't even buy Chiclets anymore..)
Donal O Dochartaigh

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