Canterbury Faire

Christopher Walden cmwalden at
Fri Mar 1 19:50:34 PST 1996

April 13-14 in Bryn Gwlad brings us Canterbury Faire.  It is a mini 
Ren-Faire put on by the folks of the Wild Basin Wildlife Preserve, in 
the Austin Area, and is held in Waterloo Park.

In the past they have been enthusiastic about the SCA, and this year 
they are especially so.  I have been involved on the planning committe for quite some time, 
and have had a chance to head off some of the problems of previous 
years.  Personally, I think things are going to go well, and I'm 
looking forward to it.

Some things of note for people who would like to help represent the 
SCA at this event:

*   We are not set to run any money-making booths this year.  This 
will reduce our profit-- to none-- but will allow us more opportunity 
to show off our best, without having to have people spend their day 
counting tickets.
*   We have an expanded area this time.  I took some of the area that 
we were not using for booth space and arranged to have it set aside 
as an SCA area.  The list field will still be available for large 
demos, but we will have space for a mini practice area, artisans 
dancing and hanging out.
*    The Wild Basin is all a-flutter because Lord British (known to 
some of us as Don Shamino) has agreed to participate heavily in the 
Faire.  I'm sure he'll stop by to say hello, though he won't have 
time to play with us all day.  But this gives you an idea of some of 
the different spirit that is taking the Faire this year from the 
upper levels.

The Faire is on April 13-14.  I'd like us to come out and make it a 
full blown demo-- read into that a sort of mini-event opened to the 
public.  Anyone who would like to participate in any way would be 
appreciated-- from fighting/marshalling/heralding duties to playing 
games, dancing, bardcraft and other things that are common-place to 
us, but that there isn't always sufficient time for.

Also on March 30 (in the evening) there is a special fund-raiser 
banquet that is being held.  A magician who is playing the Faire (not 
me, I'm afraid) will be showing some of his stuff, and we are being 
encouraged to help fill out some of the rest of the time (about 90 
minutes) with some of what we do.

Anyone who is interested in participating should email me with the 
following information:
*   SCA name
*   mundane name
*   phone number
*   dates available
*   Things you'd like to see and participate in.

Those of you that are on my current Canterbury Faire list will be
receiving calls as well.  This is not only opened to Bryn Gwladers, 
but any who would like to come and join us.  However, I will need to 
turn in a list of people in the next couple of weeks to arrange with 
security.  So please let me know soon.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.  I think it's going to be a 
good time for all.

I remain yours, etc.
Antonio Bastiano

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