Gulf War Question

Randy Shipp rshipp at
Thu Mar 7 07:10:47 PST 1996

On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, Chris and Elisabeth Zakes wrote:

> >Are you going to wear the Morion this year again while 
> >marshalling ???
> Absolutely. It's saved my grey cells on several occasions.
>      -Tivar
> P.S. It's actually an English pikeman's pot-helm. The brim of a morion turns
> up, the pot-helm turns down.

Besides, the chapeau-de-fer (which is what I think you're describing) 
looks really cool.  I'd considered making or commissioning someone to 
build me one for melees, with solid back and sides hidden by mail as if I 
wore a coif under it.  Would I take more shots because of the brim?  
Sure.  Would it look cool and unusual?  I think so. :)

Antoine D'Aubernoun

P.S.-- I'm also toying around with one of those nifty flat-topped pot 
helms with the pierced faceplates that showed up in the 12th C.  Again, 
the solid back and side would be hidden by mail.  Has anyone does this 


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