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Here are the TEXTILES, PENNSIC and RELIGION sections of my SCA Rialto Files.

Those who have Web access can find these files at:
  or the new location:

I can also send these by email or on disk. If you request files be
sent this way, please specify whether you wish text or Word format.
Word format gets you the original formatting and fonts, but you will
need a word processor that understands this format to read them. Other
formats are possible such as Word Perfect.

Stefan li Rous    Barony of Bryn Gwlad
(512)892-0036     markh at

The file size is in bytes with about 3K bytes per page.

burn-test-msg     (18K)  3/ 8/96    Identifying unknown fabrics.
beadwork-msg      (18K)  9/26/95    Beadwork on clothing.
CMA-sew-supl-msg  (14K) 11/ 2/95    Sources for modern sewing supplies. linen

cotton-art        (14K)  4/19/95    Article on cotton in the Middle Ages.
cross-stitch-msg  (27K)  9/21/95    Period and SCA cross-stitch.
dyeing-msg       (122K)  9/21/95    Dyeing techniques and discussion.
embroidery-msg    (41K) 10/31/95    Period and SCA embroidery.
fabric-SCA-msg    (18K) 10/ 3/94    Finding period-like fabric in the SCA.
felting-msg       (27K)  2/29/96    Felting and fulling of cloth.
green-art          (9K)  6/15/91    The dyeing and history of Lincoln Green.
hemp-cloth-msg    (18K) 12/ 6/95    Cloth and clothing made with hemp fibers.
kniting-msg       (32K)  5/ 2/95    Period kniting.
lace-msg          (81K)  3/ 6/96    Making lace in period and SCA.
quilting-msg      (14K)  4/26/95    Quilting in period.
sewing-msg        (23K)  1/17/96    Sewing ideas and stitches.
sewing-tools-msg  (23K)  9/14/95    Medieval sewing tools, needles, thimbles.
silk-msg          (24K)  1/19/94    Types of silk, silk in the SCA and
spinning-msg      (27K) 10/ 5/95    Spinning wheels, spindles. techniques.
tapestries-msg    (32K)  1/23/96    Medieval and SCA tapestries.
textiles-msg      (86K)  9/26/95    Medieval cloth. Silks, wool, cotton,
washing.msg       (26K)  4/ 6/94    Washing different fabrics. How to wash
                                      what not to wash.
weaving-msg       (99K)  9/26/95    Looms, weaving, types of cloth.
wool-clean-msg    (23K)  6/16/95    Cleaning wool before spinning.
wool-hist-msg      (9K)  8/ 8/95    History of the wool trade. types of wool


Fire-Book-no-pics (23K)  1/12/96    Baron Durr's Guide to safe fire use.
                                       pictures removed for easy file
transfer.)  (12K)  9/ 1/90    Baron Durr's fire report for Pennsic XIX.
P23-fire-rpt      (27K)  9/30/94    Baron Durr's fire report for Pennsic
P24-fire-rpt      (27K) 11/ 9/95    Baron Durr's fire report for Pennsic
BP-Thingie-art    (38K)             Bart's Pennsic guidebook w. Estrella
P-history-msg     (63K)  1/ 3/96    Pennsic history.
Pennsic-ideas-msg (45K) 10/23/95    Useful ideas for Pennsic.
P-storage-msg      (9K) 10/ 6/95    Storage at or near Cooper's Lake.
P-stories.msg     (54K)  3/20/95    Pennsic stories.
Pennsic-XXIV.msg   (9K) 11/ 1/94    Pennsic XXIV information.


Lit-St-Ger-man    (72K) 10/10/94    Liturgy of St. Germanus. Christian
                                      from 600 AD Gaul.
monks-msg          (9K)  1/11/96    Medieval monks and orders.
popes-msg          (9K)  9/14/93    Roman Catholic Popes in period.
relics-msg        (14K)  8/30/94    Use of religous relics in period.
religon-msg       (27K)  9/21/95    Different medieval religions.
rosaries-msg      (14K)  9/ 1/94    Period rosaries and their use.
saints-msg         (9K) 11/16/95    Medieval saints.
Trid-Mass-art     (72K)  4/21/95    English translation of the Tridentine

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