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Here are the files between A and L in the UNCLASSIFIED section of
my SCA Rialto Files.

Those who have Web access can find these files at:
  or the new location:

I can also send these by email or on disk. If you request files be
sent this way, please specify whether you wish text or Word format.
Word format gets you the original formatting and fonts, but you will
need a word processor that understands this format to read them. Other
formats are possible such as Word Perfect.

Stefan li Rous    Barony of Bryn Gwlad
(512)892-0036     markh at

The file size is in bytes with about 3K bytes per page.

alchemy-msg       (36K)	 8/16/95    Alchemy philosophy, medieval chemistry.
arms-humor-msg    (14K)	 3/ 6/96    Humorous SCA armorery.
bells-msg         (24K)	 6/ 7/94    Casting, contstruction and use of
                                      bells. Bell sources.
beggers-msg       (17K)	10/20/94    Beggers in the SCA and period.
blackpowder-msg   (23K)	 2/ 5/96    Making and using gunpowder and variants
                                          the SCA and period.
burials-msg       (18K)	11/11/94    Period funeral practices.
calenders-msg     (68K)	 3/ 8/96    Medieval calenders and saint's days.
cameras-msg       (23K)	 2/12/96    Use of cameras in the SCA.
campcraft-msg     (23K)	 7/ 3/92
camping-ideas-msg (12K)	10/20/93
chasity-belts-msg (14K)	 2/ 8/96    Chasity belts in the Middle Ages.
Chivalry-art      (12K)	 9/21/93    Article on Chivalry.
chivalry-msg      (15K)	 9/21/93
clocks-msg         (8K)	 9/ 1/94    Medieval clocks and concepts of time.
coins-msg         (72K)	12/20/95    Period coins, making coins.
commerce-msg      (21K)	 5/27/92    Commerce and trade in period.
coronets-msg       (9K)	10/31/95    Medieval coronets and crowns.
courtesy-msg      (32K)	 1/19/96    Courtesy guidelines in the SCA and
courts-msg        (14K)	11/22/95    How to manage courts, royal presense.
cryptography-msg  (23K)	 4/17/95    Codes and codebreaking in period.
dance-msg        (144K)  8/23/95    SCA and period dancing.
dance-par-art     (12K)	 1/20/92    What the future might think of 20th
Egils-saga-art    (32K)	 8/23/95    Article giving medical evidence to
                                      an Icelandic Norse saga.
Enchnted-Grnds-msg (18K) 4/ 8/94    Duke Caridoc's period encampment at
Estrella-msg      (15K)	 3/16/92    The Estrella War, near Phoenix, AZ.
executions-msg     (9K)	12/16/94    Executions in the Middle Ages.
eyeglasses-msg    (32K)	 7/ 5/95    Period eyewear.
fans-msg           (9K)	11/21/94    Use of folding fans in period.
favors-msg        (45K)  3/ 6/96    On the making and giving of favors.
feastgear-msg     (23K)	 1/22/96    Obtaining feastgear for use in the SCA. 
                                       cleaning wooden feastgear.
fealty-art        (27K)	 1/18/94    Article on fealty by Ioseph of Locksley.
fealty-msg        (20K)	 4/11/94    Fealty in SCA and period.
flags-art         (15K)	 7/12/94    Article on flags and banners in the SCA.
flags-msg         (14K)	10/ 6/95    Flags and banners. Period and SCA 
flirting-msg      (14K)	 2/ 4/94    How to flirt, courteously and
forestry-msg       (9K)	10/31/95    Medieval forestry.
fundraising-msg   (13K)	 7/29/94    Fundraising ideas for SCA groups.
Garboholic-art    (11K) 11/ 5/91    Humorous article warning those making
guilds-msg        (18K)	 7/20/95    Medieval and SCA guilds.
handicaps-msg     (68K)	 3/ 5/96    Handicaps in the SCA and period, hiding 
                                      wheelchairs, SCA sign language.
hemp-msg          (14K)	 4/21/95    Use of hemp in period. In ropes, as an 
                                      intoxicant, clothing.
herbs-msg         (23K)	 3/31/95    Herbs used in period and how they were
humor-msg         (41K)	 1/11/96    Period and SCA humor.
jewelry-msg       (27K)	 1/ 3/96    Medieval jewelry.
jokes-msg         (12K)	11/ 9/93    Period and SCA jokes.
knighthood-msg    (29K)	 7/29/94    Knightly virtues in SCA and period.
languages-msg     (32K)  9/19/95    Sources for learning Anglo-Saxon, Latin.
literacy-msg      (17K)	 1/27/92    Literacy levels in the Middle Ages.
LivHist-bib       (14K)	 9/29/94    Bibliography on Living History.
LivHist-msg       (41K)	 7/ 3/92    Living History groups

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