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Christopher Walden cmwalden at
Wed Mar 20 13:34:34 PST 1996

I don't remember if this made it to the list.  It came back but I'm 
too frazzled to remember if I resent it.  If this is your second time 
to see it, I apologize and wish you the greatest of pleasure in 
deleting it...
I know that this is a little off-subject, but all the right people
read this list.

I received a call from a gentleman who is involved with Cavalier Days,
an English Civil War epoch Faire, held near Austin.  He is in charge
of a Pike Corp that will be performing drills and a few more exciting
things during the faire.  He has lost some of his current members, and
is trying to get hold of people who might already have appropriate
clothing to fill in.  You will be trained for most of what is needed.

They will provide:  a pike, appropriate period helmet, and red sash.

You will provide:  your willing and able self, English Civil War Era
costuming appropriate to a common soldier, enthusiasm.

The dates of Cavalier Days is last two weekends in March and first
weekend of April.  I know that you will get into the faire for free,
and there may be other benifeits to those who qualify.  He also made
some mention of muskets and a breech loading canon-- so it sounds like

If you are interested in contacting this gentleman to volunteer,
please email me and I will give you his phone number.  (I'd rather not
broadcast it to all the knowne world.)  He's out of Houston, but the
event is happening closer to Austin.

I remain Yours, etc.
Antonio Bastiano

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