Thirty Year Celebration - Bulletin

Donna Hrynkiw donna at Kwantlen.BC.CA
Thu May 2 10:56:23 PDT 1996

Greetings to the People of the Known World from Mistress Elizabeth
Braidwood, 3YC deputy autocrat for Getting The Word Out Via E-Mai.

SCA 30 Year Celebration, 7-16 June 1996 in An Tir (near Vancouver, Wash.)

The Progress
  The final pre-event issue of The Progress, #6, is due out in the next
  couple of weeks. The e-Progress, its online sibling, will be sent out
  shortly after. Now is a good time to subscribe -- send your request
  to sca30yr at with your name and kingdom.

  A gate issue of The Progress will be included in your package when you
  sign in at the event. Issues of The Daily Progress will be available at
  the event for a small fee per issue.

Volunteers Will Make the Difference
  There is no better way to make friends than working side-by-side. Plan to
  volunteer your services for several shifts during 3YC. Profits from
  the event will be distributed to the kingdoms based on a formula which
  includes volunteer hours by kingdom.

Lost and Found Possibilities are Staggering
  The Constables want to remind all people planning to attend 3YC to mark
  their belongings with Name, Branch, and Kingdom; especially items which
  tend to get left behind: goblets, baskets, cloaks, staffs, armour, etc.
  Come and have a good time with thousands of your best friends. At this
  time, over 2400 of them are already registered to attend, and will be
  coming from points as far away as Lochac, Trimaris, and Atlantia.

  Horses will be available for hire on an hourly and daily basis.
  Horse-drawn wagons will provide some intra-site transport.
  Qualified heralds will be making their rounds a-horseback.
  Several Equestrian events are scheduled.

"Edward the Bloody Bastard" story contest!
  Come help the Known World roast the President of the SCA Inc.! Viscount
  Master Master Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy, man of a thousand silly 
  adventures, won't talk about the mischief he participated in before
  he moved to the East coast. In despair, his new bride must turn to those
  who knew him in the Old Days for enlightenment. Contest is for Fast-Eddie-
  in-his-West/AnTir-days stories specifically and there are bonus points
  for pictures.

This is An Tir, After All
  The unusually heavy spring rains have left the site somewhat soggy.
  While you're packing, consider bringing along waterproof footwear as
  well as waterproof tarps, raingear and umbrellas. Also bring sunhats,
  sunblock, and sunshades. While the site is guaranteed free of fire ants,
  tornados, tigers, snow, poisonous snakes, elephant charges, revolution,
  snurfs, and attacks from the Mongol hordes, it -is- susceptible to an
  over-abundance of both rain and sun. Be Prepared. (Mongols -will- be
  attending 3YC, however they have promised not to attack.)

How Old Must You Be?
  In Washington State, the age of sexual consent and tobacco consumption
  is 18; alcohol is 21. And while we're talking restrictions, site policy
  prohibits firearms, and modern law prohibits raffles.
For more information, check out our website at

Mistress Elizabeth Braidwood  
donna at
3YC Registration #005

SCA 30 Year Celebration                 Write to
    7-16 June 1996                      sca30yr at
in An Tir (near Vancouver, Wash.)       for more information.

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