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Maureen Martinez Maureen_Martinez at
Thu May 2 08:10:46 PDT 1996

>>I have been thinking about the question concerning awards and recognition.
>>While I have been fortunate to receive several AOA level service and arts
>>awards, the most special one I received was a Principality Award that
>>carried no rank.  I was the last person to be inducted into the Order of the
>>Madonnas of Ansteorra, before the Order was closed forever.  At the time,
>>other than Princess Katerina who was the Principal of the Order, I was the
>>only person in the Order that did not have their own child or children.  It
>>was for the work that I did with Simon and Tessa's children, along with many
>>others, that I received this award.

>>This was also way before we had the Ministry of Children. 

>>I have watched these children grow, and I have suffered the loss of these
>>children.  But I like to think that I made their experiences in the Society
>>happy and safe ones.

>>The recognition that has meant the most to me has not been done in court,
>>but in Word Fame from my friends throughout the Kingdom.  This will always
>>mean more to me than any piece of jewelry that tarnishes or a scroll that
>>will yellow with age.  

>>Lady Zahra Zena Theanos

My Dear Lady,

What an inspiration you are to us.  

Jenny Winslow

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