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Ches at Ches at
Sun May 19 17:42:02 PDT 1996

The Confederacy of the Wetlands 
invites you to the Kingdom of the 
Wetlands' Coronation I
May 24-25-26, 1996
at the Grimes County Fair Grounds in Navasota, Texas

Franchesca d'Pisa...
Franchesca V. Havas
300 Legacy Dr., #531
Plano, Texas 75023
Ches at

Elisabeth Marie
Robin Moon
2300 Broadmoore #3
Bryan, Texas 77802
RobinMoon at

Minors will need a parental release to enter this event. Call or write to Franchesca above 
for a copy of the release to be emailed, mailed or faxed to your parent. Bring it with you at 
the gate. We will also need an event waiver signed by the Adult who has permission from your 
parents to let doctors take care of you in case of an emergency. Minors caught drinking will 
be asked to leave the site. The Governors reserve the right to eject anyone from the site.

Head Chef
House Lyceum
Elisabeth Marie
2300 Broadmoore #3
Bryan, Texas 77802
RobinMoon at

Clean up crew
The Gypsies's
Sergio Giovanni
c/o Eric Leonard Malmgren <elm0003 at>

c/o Wyndi
2138 Loving
Houston, TX  77034
(713) 946-4113   (713) 833-8770 (pgr)
IamTopknot at

Gate Keepers
White Rose
c/oAllen Harvey
P.O. Box 61814
Houston, Tx 77208-1814
c/o fionghal at

Roger's Raiders
Morgan Ironwolf
c/o 201 Grove St.
College Station, Tx 77840
c/oSamMoon at

Head server
Spryghte SPRYGHTE at

Festivites!! The following events will be scattered through out the event, time allowing.
Love God/Goddess of the Wetlands Contest: 
Prove to all present your skills at either: pick up lines, marriage proposals, serenades, 
etc. Anything to endear you to the opposite sex without actually touching them.

BUT...  you must incorporate water into your act. Extra consideration will be given for the 
use of actual water in your act. There should be an even ratio of female=male judges for 
fairness. The prize could be a box of lubricated (we ARE the Wetlands after all) condoms for 
adults. *grin*

Woad the Warrior Contest
Using water-based paint, the winner is the person who can most artistically "woad" their 
warrior. Paint will be provided.  However, it is BYOW (Bring Your Own Warrior). The prize 
could be a belt favor w/ a screened paint palettes or something similarly artistic on it & 
some sort of indicator of where they received it.

Also, Gideon is running Gideon's Crypt through out the event. There are things for kids to do 
with it so they can be involved in a "safe" activity. Fnord (kha764 at can tell you 
more about the Crypt since he went through it.

3pm gates open and sign in
	Optional sign up and pay for pizza
6:30 order pizzas
8PM official and welcome and announcements and Pizza party      	
after that Story contest prize for best story made up by a group 
after that ditch battle til you drop, we will have lighting
9-10 sign in for A&S
Crown Voting begins!! Must have been dues paid by Monday May 20th! You can not pay at the 
event and vote.
9-12am Exhibitions of Quals top qualifiers and generic A&S comp
10 sign in for tourney
12 Bring your own Picnic lunch, Althing! In the small building an althing will be held for 
all Wetland dues paid members while our guests are being entertained under the small 
pavilions by the non-dues paid populace of the Wetlands. Hopefully we will pass the corpora 
and then join the festivities outside, ASAP!!
Mutual weapons tourney or Fnord's War  
Juggling contest - winner is Kingdom Jester (bags provided and hat).

7pm - Feast  
8:00 Coronation
Royalty will visit your campsite following the coronation so bring out your best! Let the 
rest of the festivities begin!!

1100 - Calendar Meeting and pot luck Brunch
9-12 leave and clean up

Price: all inclusive price is 6.00 for the whole weekend.

Price: all inclusive price is 6.00 for the whole weekend. 

Directions:Grimes County Fairground is located near Navasota, TX. From IH 35 take Hwy 6 east 
from Waco to Bryan/College Station. Look for Navasota on Hwy 6, you will see a WalMart on the 
cornor of FM 90 and HWY 6, travel 2 miles east on FM 90.  From Houston take US290 north to 
Hwy 6 east to Bryan/College Station. Look for Navasota on Hwy 6, you will see a WalMart on 
the cornor of FM 90 and HWY 6, travel 2 miles east on FM 90. Before you reach the Navasota 
Livestock Auction Barn turn left (north) on FM 3455 and go 1 mile. Site is on your left (W. 
Side). (see map below). From Dallas take IH 45 or IH 35 South. If you take IH 45 south get 
off in Huntsville and take 164 west to Bryan/College Station. Get on HWY 6 and go south. Look 
for Navasota on Hwy 6, you will see a WalMart on the cornor of FM 90 and HWY 6,travel 2 miles 
east on FM 90. Before you reach the Navasota Livestock Auction Barn turn left (north) on FM 
3455 and go 1 mile. Site is on your left (W. Side). (see map below).

Robin and I will be VERY visible at the event so if you need us for whatever reason 
there will be no mistaking us!

The Constable, Security, and Gate guards will be wearing baldrics to show everyone 
who they are.

In case we can have ground fires bring your own bag of soil to cover any holes you make. 

Alcohol should be in non glass containers and all cans must be kept in trash bags provided at 
the gate.

Minors - do not drink alcohol, adults - do not offer alcohol to minors. 

Minors need emergency medical attention waivers signed by a parent or guardian to 
enter the site and a site waiver signed by the adult authorized by your 
parent/guardian to give permission to allow medical treatment. You can get them from 
this letter, (look at the end of this message).

Gate tokens will be hand made, 250, by thursday the 23rd.

I am putting out a call for all those entries that were perfect scores at quals to 
be displayed at the event:
	Vaar's Knighting Scroll - by Fionnghal - Framed if possible
	Vaar's Chainmail - by Vaargard
	Tiger Belt - by Denah
	Japanese Leather Armor - by Tiger
	Barbarian Armor by Zol

I also want to publish Lucas' paper on the Dream in the Siren (which will be at the 
event, cost is a postage stamp). It is short and to the point. It was not a perfect 
score but it won 1st in Statesmenship essay.

The Wetlands' Overall Artisan will be announced at the event. The process is: the best five 
of of the different arts and sciences events entered. That means that if you entered 5 
3-d art entries and one in each of the other categories only one of the 3d art 
entries will be used toward you final score. Only those who entered 5 or more 
different arts entries will be eligible for the title.

The cooks will have commemorative aprons.

The servers will have commemorative aprons, (write to Spryghte to volunteer, Sp. give 
me a final number by the 22nd!).

NO PETS!!!! We are sharing the site with horses. Leave your pets at home I do not 
care if it is a cat or a mouse or a bird, NO PETS!!! There is no shade!!

The Gypsy's will be in charge of the "Lost and Found" since they are clean up crew. 
Whatever is found will be at the gate so as you leave you can ask the head gypsy if 
he found it. Whatever is left will be auctioned off at Midreign as one lot.

There will be a sectioned off area for: the Governors - do not camp here if you do 
not want to be awaken at 7am by a baby.
The ditch field - if you all want to fight do it here and NOT at you tent.
The fighting field - for whatever you all decided to do once the althing is over.

Please remember that the althing is to pass the Corpora Book of Laws AS IS. We can make the 
changes in spelling, and missing titles later. That is what midreign is for. We all 
have our little list of little things to tweak. But add them up and it becomes 200 
members with 5 to 10 different things to talk about. You do the math. We will not 
get to eat while we argue but our guests will get fed.

Medical crisis. We will call the EMS for you. We are not certified to help you 
beyond a band aid so bring your own first aid kit, aspirins, Tums, sun block, and 
extra bactine. I do not know if there are mosquitos in that particular area so bring 
repellant as well. Make sure it is not the perfumed kind, it does not work here. 
There is no shade.

Merchants. I have put out a call for merchants so maybe we will have a high turn 
out. Houston is known for its outstanding SCA merchants hopefully one or two who are 
not going to Stepps Warlord will turnout. If you are a merchant make sure you have 
your permits. The site owner will be there on Saturday. No permits, no sales! We 
wanted to charge a booth fee but WE need a permit to do that soooo no booth fee this 

Bring out every single banner you have in your possession. We want color everywhere. 
I will try to have banners at the entrance so you will not miss it.

WAIVER FOR MINORS					updated May 2, 1996

Waiver and EMS Authorization 
for members under 18 years.

Amtgard is a non-profit, non-sectarian group devoted to recreating elements of the 
medieval and fantasy genres. The thrust of Amtgard is both recreational and 
educational, with major group efforts devoted to reconstructions of medieval combat. 
Amtgard weapons are safe, foam-padded replicas of the real things. This waiver will 
allow the person for whom it is listed to participate in Amtgard functions and allow 
emergency medical attention at need. We hope this will not be necessary, but it is 
required. If participant is under 14 they may NOT actively "fight" in an event 
without Crown AND Parent/Guardian permission. Parents of those under 14 must be 
present at ALL times during fighting events if the participant is playing in a 
fighting capacity unless otherwise authorized by the Crown.

I, (Please print name) ________________________________________, am the legal Parent 
or Guardian of (please print name) ___________________________________ and do hereby 
declare my full understanding of her/her intention to participate in Amtgard 
activities.  I declare that I have made myself fully aware of the danger to his/her 
person and property presented by such participation.  I agree and understand that 
members willfully follow rules as set in the current Rules of Play, and that I have 
read the rules and understand them myself. As such I agree to release and hold 
blameless Amtgard, Kingdom of the Wetlands, it's group chapters, and those within 
from and against all claims, demands, and actions in respect to damage upon the 
person for who I have authorized or property arising in connection with their 
participation in Amtgard functions. Furthermore, I accept and understand that 
neither Amtgard nor any Amtgard member is responsible for any injuries received or 
given at any Amtgard function.

I also authorize by my signature herein permission for medical treatment by 
professional means if necessary. Those responsible for decision of treatment must 
also assume obligation to notify me or my authorized representative as soon as 

Signature (Parent/Guardian) ______________________________________ Date: 
Printed Name: _________________________________________ Phone: 
Address: ________________________________________________ Work Phone: ______________
Signature of participant: __________________________________________________
Printed Name: __________________________________

Authorized Representatives (List at least 2):
Name: ______________________________________________	Phone: _____________________
Name: ______________________________________________	Phone: _____________________
Name: ______________________________________________	Phone: _____________________
Family Physician: _____________________________________	City: 
Address: _____________________________________________	Phone: 
Other: ____________________________________________________________________________

Ciao   @}\
Ches @}----`--,-- 

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