More SCA Rialto Files

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon May 20 11:27:42 PDT 1996

> Here are the new files that have been added this past month:
> aphrodisiacs-msg     Medieval aphrodisiacs.

	Are these messages under the "performance arts" catagory? I looked on the 
web-site but did not find any of the new listings.

These messages are in different categories. Since I'm not sure which
files you are interested in, I can't say which categories the ones
you are looking for are in.

There is also the possiblity that although I've sent the files to Greg
Lindahl to put up on the Web pages, they are not up there yet.

If you don't find a file, let me know and I'll send it by email. I can
also send my complete file list that way.

Stefan li Rous
markh at

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