principalities...borders/Regional di

Terry_A._Harper at Terry_A._Harper at
Tue Oct 1 10:27:44 PDT 1996

>The subject of principalities came up when I lived in Bjornsborg
>('89-'90), and people were starting to think about which area they
>wanted to be aligned with.  The attempt was abandoned when it became
>clear that everyone wanted to be in the same principality as
>Bjornsborg. 8-)
>Mikjal Annarbjorn


Yuks Ride Free... Princ... Principy... Border mean nothing to horse that run
like wind! No need be in same Princ... Principo... place with Yuks!  Yuks
find you just fine, you see!  Chance for good fun?  Chance for good yokes?
Yuk do!  Border?  Why Yuk care?  Bring horse sperm!  Have good time anyway!


Snowbird Rhiain likes borders... Many new lands to send husband viking
          to.  Maybe he bring home good things to Rhiain.  Send many
          Dragon ships and bring back many slaves.  Then Rhiain go
          crazy 'cause won't have work to do!!!!


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