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I found this interesting post on the Historical Costuming moderated
newslist, ande thought it would be of interest to many, not just craftsmen
but also heralds.



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"Chandler, Sally A." <S.A.Chandler%SHU.AC.UK at internet.shepards. Wrote:
| This is not strictly a costume request - not at all a costume request I
| suppose, but I thought that you good people out there on the h-costume list
| might be able to help.  I've been asked to make some 'authentic' banners to
| fly over a medieval castle.  They'll be about 4 foot square and need to
| stand up to the vagaries of the weather. Any suggestions as to what fabric
| to use, the method of construction and the type of paint to use?  All
| contributions gratefully received.
| Many thanks,
| Sally Ann Chandler
| s.a.chandler at

I've had excellent results using Jones Tones paints.  They are very durable,
washable (machine, I've never tried dry cleaning) and have excellent memory
without cracking or peeling.  One of the company reps who demonstrated the
paint at a local store actually painted a pair of lycra stockings, let the
paint dry and then stretched them.  The paint didn't crack or peal and the
stockings returned to their original shape.  The colors are very good for
achieving the proper tones of heraldic colors.  Just be careful to read the
labels.  I still have a bottle of glitter gold transparent that I mistook for
the gold opaque.  I keep it as a reminder.  :)

There's lots of banner and heraldic books out there and I think I saw a
response with some excellent references.  Some additional references are
"Fox-Davies, Complete Guide to Heraldry," "Papworth, Ordinary of British
Armorials," and "Woodcock and Robinson, The Oxford Guide to Heraldry."  All
should be available from your local library or through ILL.  They are also
available from Heraldry Today, Parliment Piece, Ramsbury
Nr. Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 2QH, England.  They will give you an idea of
many arms and charges that were used in history and some that are still
currently used as well as style differences between midieval and modern arms.

The Heraldry Society of Scotland has issued a color facsimile of the Scots
Roll, a 15th c. Roll of Arms, edited by Colin Campbell.  People wishing to
order it from the Heraldry Society should obtain a money order for 6.50 pounds
sterling made to the Heraldry Society of Scotland, and send it to Dr. Patrick
Barden, Birkfield, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross KY13 7PT Great Britain.

You'll want to be careful creating banners in countries which maintain
heraldic colleges, such as England.  I believe they strictly regulate the
applications to which heraldic emblems can be used, who can display them and
other pertinent information.  Check with the nearest heraldic college for
information before you start.

If you have web access, you can get more information at the British Heraldic
Archive located at:

The College of Arms in London, the regulator for England, Wales, etc., is
available at:  or
directly at

        "The College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street, London EC4
        is open between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday
        throughout the year except on public holidays, State and
        special occasions. The Officer in Waiting is available
        for enquiries between these hours. Appointments in writing
        will save delays. For further details telephone (0171)
        248 2762 or fax (0171) 248 6448 from within the United
        Kingdom or telephone +44 171 248 2762 or fax +44 171 248
        6448 from elsewhere."

Good Luck!


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