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Tue Oct 1 07:04:25 PDT 1996

Greetings unto the Populace of Ansteorra,

The opening weekend (October 5 & 6) of the Texas Renaissance Festival is
drawing closer.  If you are planning to attend and participate in the
activities in the SCA compound you need to get your request for passes in
quickly.  The Festival will run from October 5 to November 17.  Each
weekend will be sponsored by a group.  The sponsoring group will be
responsible for furnishing a autocrat, a theme (if desired), a contingent
of participants, and coordinating with the other groups to see who will be
attending on their weekend.

If you wish to show up and participate, we would like you to get with your
local seneschal (or whomever they might appoint...please note that this
person will have to have e-mail access) and have them send me one list with
the following information:

1.	Mundane name
2.	SCA name
3.	Branch/Group
4. 	If space is available, do you wish to sleep upstairs in the compound?
5.	How can you assist in the Compound?  (A minimum of two hours of
participation are required to 	receive the free admission)  Some of the
areas you can volunteer for are:  Fighting (Heavy/Light), 	Marshaling,
Demos, Waterbearing, Heraldry, Information Booth, etc.  A list of positions
will also be 	posted.
6.	What date(s) you plan to attend.
7.	Do they intend to eat at the TRF dinner.

This information needs to be to me at least two weeks before you plan to
attend.  Passes will then be sent out to the seneschal or their
representative.  No passes will be sent to individuals!

The idea is for everyone to have a good time and at the same time promote
the SCA.  We no longer have the games to worry about, so we are looking for
people who can present the SCA (by doing those activities that normally
occur at a SCA event...fighting, arts and sciences, bardic, etc.) in a
positive light to the guests who come to TRF.

Please pass this information on, and if you have any questions please
direct them to me.

In Service,

Lord Stefan von Drachenfels
TRF Liason

Steven L. Holt
maxisdgn at

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