garb/spear penant questions

Casey Weed nextristan at
Tue Oct 1 12:47:05 PDT 1996

>Gnith wrote
>I'd also like to hang a penant on my spear. Are penants legal in war
>(forgive me, I'm new & have only been in a couple battles)? How big/what
>shape should they be? Any other penant construction tips?
>Thanks a bundle,

 I have no further info on the drape, Gnith, but as per the pennon- I saw
over 20 spears go thru the armor insp. at Gulf last year with a triangular
pennon 12 inches long and 6 inches high on the side attatched to the pole.
Bold gold with a black star- mine will be too.  Ill tote mine around the
Kingdom as soon as i finish it (this week) along with the plans.  If they
make us take em off, so be it, but they cant stop us from flying the
Ansteorran colors while our army takes the field... and put em back on when
were done killin Trimarans:)

Casey and Coni-

Marriges are forged in Heaven... as are thunder and lightening.

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