garb/spear penant questions

Scott White swhite at
Tue Oct 1 11:40:25 PDT 1996

I recently bought a chunk o' gold trigger to make an Ansteorran tabard for
war & then realized the tabard design doesn't really work w. the early
Celtic (minimal armor/clothing) ensemble I'm putting together.

I still want to wear my kingdom colors on the field, though. A comrade
suggested that I stamp the cloth full of black stars using fabric paint and
a potato stamp and then wear it bundled & draped over one shoulder to the
opposite hip, kinda like a Ms. America banner type thing.

What do you guys think of this? How big/boofy should this drape thing be (I
have little to no sewing ability and poor taste, so give a concrete
suggestion, please, not 'as big as you want it to be')? Can you think of any
other 'alternative' ways of wearing the kingdom colors into battle?

I'd also like to hang a penant on my spear. Are penants legal in war
(forgive me, I'm new & have only been in a couple battles)? How big/what
shape should they be? Any other penant construction tips?

Thanks a bundle,

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