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Gunnora wrote:
>>Then each Lady also provides
>>favors for her Field, a token of some sort that the fighter keeps as a
>>souvenier of the Tourney.  And frequently, a similar gift is given to 
>>the lady who sponsored the fighter.  ...............And each Lady is 
>>responsible for providing prizes for their Field's Champion, a gift for 
>>his lady, and a prize for their Artisan.

Estrill wrote:
>What have they been? Some examples please. :)
>Would anyone else care to elaborate on their experiences at Lyonesse? 
>Either from the standpoint of attendee or worker, I'm sure it would make 
>fabulous reading.

The year before last, when Gunnora was the Lady of the Hawk field, she asked
me to be her personal harper and to carry my harp in her processional.  It
was quite an honor to be recognized in such a way.  In payment, she and her
Lady, Damaris made tunicas for myself and my small son, Anthony, in
Gunnora's personal colors (Blue, White, & Gold).  She also made fetishes of
leather, feathers, and bells for us that we hung from our fur hats.  It was
also a special honor to be present at her Laureling ceremony where Ragnar
brought suit against the Crown for not having already elevated her to the

There was much food and drink in Gunnora's pavillion, and I never suffered
hunger or thirst.  

The Arts and Sciences exhibit was simply incredible.  The musicians there
played throughout the day.  One of my favorite memories was a moment when
Cedric, Cynric, and I were playing a Celtic tune on fiddle, bodhran, and
tamborine.  My son Anthony started dancing, twirling around in his red fur
hat and vest, kicking up his boots like a little Russian Boy from the
steppes.  The feathers and bells on his hat were twirling while he danced a
dance of martial arts, war, and just the joy of living.  I treasure that moment.

I have already been asked by the Lady Lyonesse (through her representative,
of course) to be her personal harper.  I am going to make every effort to
attend, but I have another obligation now that may interfere.

I have many beautiful memories of Lyonesse, and of Lion's before that. It
has given me a standard to compare other events to.

Thank you, Bjornsborg and Lady Lyonesse.

Zahra Zena Theanos, Baroness of Elfsea

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