Spear pennants

Mike Baker mbaker at rapp.com
Wed Oct 2 09:12:00 PDT 1996

> To last any length of time in that kind of environment the pennant should
> have very tough ties and put an extra heavy piece of fabric along the 
> and where the ties attach to prevent it from self-destructing when yanked. 

In order to avoid (or confuse) the "spear-stealers", has anyone seriously 
considered tear-away pennons instead of reinforcing them more heavily?

Would probably make for a one-time surprise, but I suspect that it could be 
a pretty funny sight when that "handle" comes off in the hand of the 
attempted snatcher (and an off-balance would-be stealer *might* be more open 
to that return thrust!)

> BTW, for an additional neat touch.  Get electrical tape in your colors.
> Spiral wrap the shaft with the alternating colors.  This is a great visual
> effect and makes it easier for people watching you from the sidelines to
> locate you.

Or, if you want to identify with a particular war-band (such as the 
Kingdom's, when at war), use a previously-agreed pattern of wrappings. 
Checky and striped versions can also be very distinctive. (Length-wise AND 
parallel bandings have both been done; just avoid using red for stripes 
along the shaft unless following a striking surface...)

Note, too, that colored duct tape is available in all of the standard 
heraldic colors plus some (I am fond of the idea of covering spear shafts 
and axe hafts in brown or tan, for aesthetics.)

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