Spear pennants

Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at bga.com
Wed Oct 2 09:21:14 PDT 1996

>Damon recommends:
>>BTW, for an additional neat touch.  Get electrical tape in your colors.
>>Spiral wrap the shaft with the alternating colors.  This is a great visual
>>effect and makes it easier for people watching you from the sidelines to
>>locate you.
>Or colored duct tape. See my file:
>duct-tape-msg      (9K)  7/ 5/96    Sources for unusual colors of duct tape.
>Stefan li Rous

A technique that I've used in the past on both spear and weapons shafts is
to encase them in cable shrink wrap... which comes in all colors of the
rainbow.  The plastic that's used is very tough, and will protect the shaft
of your spear from gouges ioncurred by hitting the upper edge of shield
rims.  It can be expensive, so you may only want to do the last 2 or 3 feet
near the business end, but the durability that results is amazing.  You have
to use a heat gun to shrink the stuff (I had a very bad experience trying to
"gently" toast some with a propane torch!) but these can be rented at small
expense.  Sir Richard ap Morgan in Bjornsborg is the best source I know to
tell you where to get the stuff in appropriate lengths and diameters.

If anyone needs contact info for Richard, e-mail direct to me & I'll send
you his phone number.



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