Spear Work

Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at msmail.fnts.com
Wed Oct 2 15:36:12 PDT 1996

Sir Lyonel, I did not, nor have I ever, found your words "offensive" but
unsettling, yes.  "Harpooning" is the act of thrusting the spear with your
hand across the butt of the shaft.  It has been outlawed for several years
that I know of.  The basic reason against harpooning is because the spear
tends to hit harder if driven from the butt.  Try it yourself and see.  If
delivered from a handle as you mentioned, I think that the blows could be
unknowingly escalated by the spearman.  The marshalls will usually allow two
fingers across the butt for control when fighting but no more than that.

I like the idea of the loop, though.

I hope this helps.  I would be happy to answer in further detail if you wish.



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