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kac2688 at utarlg.uta.edu kac2688 at utarlg.uta.edu
Wed Oct 2 20:03:16 PDT 1996

Whaddaya mean stuffy?  Did you hang around long enough to see how stuffy 
we were?  I don't do stuffy, never could stand the amount of air it 
uses.  Next time Gunther, do it yerself.

 Karie Ann Colacicco Mitchell (kac2688 at utarlg.uta.edu)
aka Ly. Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio de Milano
aka Ly. Ruthless of the dread pirate ship "The Jolly Roger"
(found on the webpage: http://www.uta.edu/student_orgs/sca/karie1.html)

 "Those who would give up essential liberty to secure a little
 temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." --Ben Franklin

On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, Michael Gunter wrote:

> I believe the Japanese Camp won, followed by the Norse Camp.
> The Chivalric Camp was WAY too stuffy for a roustabout like me.
> Yers,
> Gunthar

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