Elfsea DefenderCulture Camp Competition

dennis grace amazing at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Oct 3 07:17:55 PDT 1996

Mistress Aquilanne here, 

Sir Gunthar wrote:  
>Also, there were all those Peers and Nobles and stuff around (probably a
>couple of Laurels, too).  Hence more stuffication.

Hey!!!  I resemble that remark! :-)  Peers and nobles and Laurels, oh my.
Things are not nesessarily all they a-peer to be--there can be very good
reasons for stuffifying an area: they could have been making pillows or
quilts  or experimenting with new atmospheric densities--you judge so quickly!  

Besides, what's this "(probably a couple of Laurels, too)" remark?  Laurels
(whom you cruelly bind in parentheses [you naughty thing]) deserve to be
free of punctuational segregation!!!  What with the cedar and the giant
ragweed around here, we're at least as stuffy as anybody else!  

Viva la de-segregacion!!

Aquilanne, OL, OP, Baroness, Banthegn, yada yada yada

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