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Wed Oct 2 17:17:07 PDT 1996

Hi folks, Mari here posting on the Heidi's account.  Normally I stay out 
of these conversations unless I can add or clarify something better than 
others and I think this meets the requirements.

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:
> Estrill asks:
> >That would make an event size of 200 - 400 people. Is the event any 
> >larger than that?
> Gunnora answers:
> We may have more people than that, but the gate tallies to about that range,
> and each field runs 20 to 45 fighters on the average, I think.

I'm fairly certain the gate tally has never gone above 300 as of yet, and 
I think it's been more like 200-250, maybe 275.  The *full* field of 
fighters is still under 50 so far; 38-40 the first couple of years, 
nearly 50 last year at Lyonesse IV.  The fighters are divided up among 
the four Ladies of the Field so each separate field hosts between 
10-15 fighters as well as their consorts and accompanying entourages.  
However, we believe in being prepared so the ladies generally make 20-25 

Re favors:
> Four years ago and three years ago on the Dragon field we used braided cords
> in the field colors (red and gold) for belt favors, plus made Viking random
> bead necklaces with a dragon pendant for the fighters-- the pendant was
> different both years (Thordis was Lady Dragon & I assisted her those years).
> When I graduated to having my own field (the last two years) and became Lady
> Falcon, I had feathers with beads attached to strips of fine leather to be
> braided into hair, cloth belt favors one year with a falcon stencilled on
> them, and I also provided Viking random bead necklaces, the first year with
> a cluster of silver feather pendants, this last year with a silver
> Viking-style bird with a blue stone setting as pendants.  Everyone got
> feathers, and some of the fighters gifted the necklaces to their sponsoring
> ladies... but I see a LOT of fighters still wearing their falcon necklaces
> with pride and as a reminder of their visit to the fabled Isle ofd Lyonnesse.
First, I would like to address the gentle readers.  Please remember one 
thing: Gunnora is a madwoman.  She was up to her teetah in beads and 
feathers for months and couldn't stop the spasmodic stringing motions her 
hands made for another 2 weeks, at some risk, I might add, to both her 
daytime job and personal relationships.  The requirements to be a Lady of 
the Field are as follows: 1) she should have an AoA (which means she's been 
active long enough to be socialized in the manners and protocol of the 
SCA); 2) she must have a committed network of friends willing to help her 
host the Field she presides over (i.e. a support system, aka 
"entourage"); 3) she must provide tokens for the fighters on her field 
(usually small favors to signify which field they "belong" to); and 4) 
she must provide a prize for the Champion of her Field and, now, a prize 
for her chosen Artisan.  These are the only "requirements".  It has now 
become pretty firm custom to provide some refreshment for the fighters and 
entourage hosted at each field.  This can be as simple as water, ice, 
oranges, gatorade and some snacks or as elaborate as the groaning board 
feast Gunnora had out last year -- that is entirely up to the Ladies.

And now, dear readers, pardon me while I address my dear friend and 
fellow Peer, Mistress Gunnora:

if you keep this up they'll expect Byzantium next year -- streets paved 
in gold, fountains full of wine, magic flying horses, etc.  The 
escalation between the Ladies of the Field already resembles the atomic 
armament buildup between the US and Russia in the 1950s and I really 
don't think we need certain well-intentioned but artistically psychotic 
Laurels stuffing more kindling into that blaze.  I mean, c'mon, between 
Seraphina and Catherine du Calais I'm already having nightmares that it's 
going to be "Hi! Welcome to Lyonesse, have a tunic; no, really, take one 
or we won't let you in."  Now, Gunnora: you don't REALLY want to be the 
cause of the untimely implosion of the Isle of Lyonesse, as well as the 
end of civilization as we know it, do you?  I thought not.  However, I 
will note that if you continue in this extremist vein (i.e. if 400 people 
show up at Lyonesse cooing "Oh, Gunnora SAID this was such a wonderful 
event, we all just had to come and bring our distant relations as well as 
assorted livestock.....) I WILL revenge myself upon you -- and not by 
doing something as banal as raising your taxes.

OK, rave ended.  Thank you and good night.

Mari ferch Rathyen, OL
"Evil cannot abide the light of day." -- some Viking hero in some saga, I 
think.  Or maybe Superman.  Can't remember.  But an apt phrase, nonetheless.

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