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Lady Estrill had some Lyonnesse questions:

>Gunnora wrote:
>>Each Lady provides (out of her own pocket!, or donated by her 
>>assistants) whatever food and drink she thinks she needs to be
>>hospitable... this has traditionally been a feast for about 50 to 100
>>people, and multiply that by four fields.  Then each Lady also provides

Estrill asks:
>That would make an event size of 200 - 400 people. Is the event any 
>larger than that?

Gunnora answers:
We may have more people than that, but the gate tallies to about that range,
and each field runs 20 to 45 fighters on the average, I think.

Gunnora said:
>>Then each Lady also provides
>>favors for her Field, a token of some sort that the fighter keeps as a
>>souvenier of the Tourney.  And frequently, a similar gift is given to 
>>the lady who sponsored the fighter.  ...............And each Lady is 
>>responsible for providing prizes for their Field's Champion, a gift for 
>>his lady, and a prize for their Artisan.

Estrill asked:
>What have they been? Some examples please. :)

Four years ago and three years ago on the Dragon field we used braided cords
in the field colors (red and gold) for belt favors, plus made Viking random
bead necklaces with a dragon pendant for the fighters-- the pendant was
different both years (Thordis was Lady Dragon & I assisted her those years).
When I graduated to having my own field (the last two years) and became Lady
Falcon, I had feathers with beads attached to strips of fine leather to be
braided into hair, cloth belt favors one year with a falcon stencilled on
them, and I also provided Viking random bead necklaces, the first year with
a cluster of silver feather pendants, this last year with a silver
Viking-style bird with a blue stone setting as pendants.  Everyone got
feathers, and some of the fighters gifted the necklaces to their sponsoring
ladies... but I see a LOT of fighters still wearing their falcon necklaces
with pride and as a reminder of their visit to the fabled Isle ofd Lyonnesse.

The time the White Knight released his doves, I badly wanted to fly the
falcon I had on my fist at them!  Darn, she was a redtail and not a goshawk!
I thought feathers fluttering down over the other three fields would have
been a fair omen of the Falcon Field's eventual victory!  Last year I had my
skald, Master Cedric, exhort my troops as they went into battle.  He
extemporized alliterative verse inspired by such poems as the Battle of
Maldon.  My fighters kept coming up to me with tears in their eyes and their
hair standing on end, the poetry was so good.  One of the prizes for my
champion was a praise poem by Cedric, which probably will be presented at
this year's Lyonnesse.  I had a spear and I think a banner or two for the
Champion as well, and a carved wooden chest for my arts champion.  The year
before I gave my champion a shield that can be used on the listfield and
gorgeous batiked banners.  I can't remember what the prize was for my arts
champion was that year, however.

Estrill asked:
>Would anyone else care to elaborate on their experiences at Lyonesse? 
>Either from the standpoint of attendee or worker, I'm sure it would make 
>fabulous reading.

Gunnora says:
Some of the rest of ya'll on this list have been to Lyonnesse.  What did you
think?  Running the show is different from viewing it as a participant!



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