Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Tue Oct 1 14:14:24 PDT 1996

Gunnora wrote:
>Each Lady provides (out of her own pocket!, or donated by her 
>assistants) whatever food and drink she thinks she needs to be
>hospitable... this has traditionally been a feast for about 50 to 100
>people, and multiply that by four fields.  Then each Lady also provides

That would make an event size of 200 - 400 people. Is the event any 
larger than that?

>Then each Lady also provides
>favors for her Field, a token of some sort that the fighter keeps as a
>souvenier of the Tourney.  And frequently, a similar gift is given to 
>the lady who sponsored the fighter.  ...............And each Lady is 
>responsible for providing prizes for their Field's Champion, a gift for 
>his lady, and a prize for their Artisan.

What have they been? Some examples please. :)

Would anyone else care to elaborate on their experiences at Lyonesse? 
Either from the standpoint of attendee or worker, I'm sure it would make 
fabulous reading.


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