Elfsea DefenderCulture Camp Competition

Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at msmail.fnts.com
Thu Oct 3 10:02:59 PDT 1996

My Dear Mistress Aquilane,

Please forgive my vague comments.  The Laurels were not restrained for
exclusion but for proof that my statement was true.  Everyone knows that
there are no stuffier beings on this planet than Laurels!  They must be
restrained lest the Society be overrun with straight seams and perfect iambic

As to your other suggestions about "stuffiness" well, the only pillow I
noticed may have been under my tunic.  (A certain Baron, who will remain
nameless, once rubbed my stomach and declared, "I feel luckier already!") And
as for atmospheric testing, well with all those assorted Peers, Nobles,
etc... (including LAURELS!) with all that hot air there's bound to be a
temperature inversion.

I hope this helps,



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