Elfsea DefenderCulture Camp Competition

Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at msmail.fnts.com
Thu Oct 3 08:33:19 PDT 1996

Please forgive my harsh words m'lady, but speaking as a lowly pig farmer
raised to the ranks so's he could teach squires to bash people, I find that
being scolded for enjoying myself instead of doing court dances appears

Also, there were all those Peers and Nobles and stuff around (probably a
couple of Laurels, too).  Hence more stuffication.

So please remember that I am a Swede, therefore only fit to drink free Scotch
and carouse with Dons and Mongols, and not to be seen in the glittering light
of civilization. (Unless my ancestors were sacking it.)

I hope this more properly explains my position.



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