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Dennis Grace amazing at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Oct 3 14:56:06 PDT 1996

Excuse me?

>>Remember Laurels are stuffy and nit-picky, Knights are fat and stupid, and
>>Pelicans....well....who knows?

Okay, I can't argue with stupid while simultaneously professing my love of
a sport that resembles nothing no much as bashing each other with baseball
bats.  ("Bashing" avec grace, chivalerie, et prouesse, naturellement).

But FAT!!!???!!!

Who's "fat"?  Who's she callin' "fat"?

Sir Lyonel the Non-Fat

PS--Pelicans smell fishy and have mouths big enough to carry a meal for the
entire family.

Yours, Master Lyonel   :-)

Dennis G. Grace
PostModern Medievalist
Assistant Instructor
Division of Rhetoric and Composition
University of Texas

Micel yfel deth se unwritere
                                        --Aelfric of York (a really fun guy)

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