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Mon Oct 7 09:19:30 PDT 1996

>According to most of the (admittedly limited) research that I've done,
>you are mostly correct - there would usually be several "winners" or
>"champions" for a given tournament.  Thus, by insisting on a single
>winner, aren't we imposing a 20th century "ideal" in a (theoretically)
>medieval re-creation?  Wouldn't having multiple winners give a better
>feeling for what a medieval tournament was like?
>Mikjal Annarbjorn

Not to mention that it means several people get really neat prizes (at least
at Lyonnesse) and we don't make you bring them back & hand them over to next
year's champion, either... they are your to keep!  Plus everyone has the
chance to win ransoms.  

Hmm... a chance to show off my chivalry and honor all day long, instead of
being eliminated and having to sit out if I happen to rack up two defeats?
What a concept! All the fighting I could ever want, melees and individual
combat, with the opportunity for a lot of people to notice me?  Again, what
a concept!

Give me the medieval-style tourneys any day!



Gunnora Hallakarva
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