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Mon Oct 7 16:18:41 PDT 1996

On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Michael A. Chance wrote:

> I disagree, on a number of points.  Firstly, the victor of such a
> tourney only has to face a small number of the total number of
> entrants (e.g., the winner of a 32-man double elim faces about 7-9
> different opponents).  We never learn how they would have fared
> against the majority of the other entrants.
> Second, the format unfairly penalizes those that are "slow starters"
> (those that need a few bouts to "warm up" or "get in the groove"), as
> they will not be at their best in the early rounds, and could well
> lose to opponents that they might otherwise best.
> Third, the format allows "fast starters" (those that are able to fight
> at a high speed and skill level for only a few bouts, but lack the
> stamina for any more than that) to unduly influence the outcome of the
> tourney, by possibly eliminating entrants in the early rounds that
> they would never be able to best a few rounds later.

Let's not forget the joys of setting up byes- HL Elasaid Dirahmid (Oh, I
hope I chose the correct name parts) did teach me the correct way, but I
have heard odd things about how it often is done, not to mention the
disturbing rumor about how a certain someone in another kingdom always
seems to face dukes for the first round or two in crown....

> The best format that I've seen for determine the "best fighter" on a
> given day is the open challenge format (often called a "William
> Marshal" style tourney).  The field is open for a set period of time
> (one hour seems to be the limit for most people, though 4-6 half-hour
> periods with 15-20 minute breaks also seems to work well), and
> entrants may challenge as many or as few of the other entrants as they
> choose.  If you set a minimum number of different opponents that one
> must challenge in order to qualify for the prize (say, at least 50% of
> the total entrants), you then get a truer picture of everyone's prowess
> on the field.

So, one must fight at least half the field, and the winner has the best
"score" of those fights?

OK, I usually have not attended Crown for various reasons.  How big is the
list?  Assuming 32ish,I see headaches, BIG headaches for the list table
ahead. The concept of running a Swiss 17+ makes my head spin a bit.  I'll
let some math person tell us about how many fights that would be.  What if
Sir Hacknslay fought 20 people and won 13 times, but Sir Notarhino fought
16 folks, had a *really* good day and took 15?

I'm curious how the 1/2 hour 15-20 min breaks is to solve the
slow-start/fast-start delimma?  Puts you back where it started-never
really warmed up, not quite played out, but I've not experienced a William
Marshal Tourney, either.

HOw 'bout a 32-way melee, last-man-standing senario?  


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