Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Oct 7 17:27:05 PDT 1996

Dieter says:

>Further avenues of- I dread using this term- 'sca career progression' are
>opened up to the members of the principality. The coronet and the
>principality offices are each obvious evidence of this.

And Sir Kief av Kiersted replies:

The only "sca career progression" that would be open up would be for the
addition of 12 new "hats" each year... The officers are already on track in
their service career... Besides if we went from 5 Regions to 3 principalities
we would _LOSE_ opportunities for people to serve Ansteorra as officers...
math is quite simple...

Those that would seem to 'profit' from this change would appear to be some
of the armored combatants, particularly those that are good but have little
chance of winning the kingdom crown.

These additional positions being created can only be held by "stickjocks".
Wonder if the support for the 'P' word would change any if the position of
prince was decided by rapier combat?

Stefan li Rous

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