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Tue Oct 8 08:17:57 PDT 1996

>Dieter says:
>>Further avenues of- I dread using this term- 'sca career progression' are
>>opened up to the members of the principality. The coronet and the
>>principality offices are each obvious evidence of this.
>And Sir Kief av Kiersted replies:
>The only "sca career progression" that would be open up would be for the
>addition of 12 new "hats" each year... The officers are already on track in
>their service career... Besides if we went from 5 Regions to 3 principalities
>we would _LOSE_ opportunities for people to serve Ansteorra as officers...
>math is quite simple...
>Those that would seem to 'profit' from this change would appear to be some
>of the armored combatants, particularly those that are good but have little
>chance of winning the kingdom crown.
>These additional positions being created can only be held by "stickjocks".
>Wonder if the support for the 'P' word would change any if the position of
>prince was decided by rapier combat?
>Stefan li Rous

Heilsa, All!

Stefan is slightly wrong... every "stickjock" must have his or her consort,
who probably has a background in many other fields than fighting.  Thus half
of the coronets will be going to people who probably are *not* stick jocks.



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