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Mon Oct 7 20:56:35 PDT 1996

Hi Sir Kief.  Aquilanne here.

Sir Kief wrote:

> Personally, I do not hold Atenveldt to be a perfect anything. To emulate
their "perfect working model" is to throw futility after folly. 

I'm not completely sure, I want to give the benefit of the doubt, but could
it be that a peer of this realm has just insulted my original homeland?  No
kingdom is without flaws, Sir Kief, however, I read Dieter's comments to
mean he saw some aspects of Atenveldt and Artemisia as an appropriate
correlation to some aspects of Ansteorra.  And so Lord Dieter did make his
points both eloquently and succinctly without a trace of malace or appeal to
pathos on his part.  

>As to the "failing membership requirements" _Many_ of the groups in this
>Kingdom are, at best, marginal. Several Baronies are at minimum strength, many
>Shires are at minimum strength, many Cantons and Colleges are at minimum
>strength. Ours _is NOT_ a healthy Kingdom! We have not yet recovered from the
>BoD debacle in terms of membership numbers. (We "lost" a total of 750+
>memberships in that one year!) 

If Ansteorra is not a healthy kingdom, then why fight so diligently to
maintain status quo?  In most occurances of ill health, *changes* are sought
to relieve the dis-ease.  Artemisia, for example, experienced its largest
population growth while working to achieve principality status.

>>Artemesia- which already has a culture of its own- defines its culture

>Show me please, the "different culture" argument as it applies to the groups or
>regions in this Kingdom? We learn from peoples in different _Kingdoms_... Our
>whole Kingdom from the smallest group up to the Kingdom it's self is already
>diverse... Every group has early, middle, and late period players. The biggest
>"division", if one can call it that, is the difference between the die-hard
>"heavies" v. "light" camps... 

I suppose it is possible that the Kingdom of Ansteorra is blandly
homogenous, but I tend to doubt it.  In the so-far relatively few occassions
we've met with folk who have talked about different areas of the kingdom, it
would seem that different areas do indeed own their own identities, and that
is a wonderful thing.  Ever heard of genetic diversity enhancing the
strength of a species?  In a homogenous kingdom, most of the incentive to
travel would be demolished, except for those who revel in monotony.

>Folks...this principality "thing" is being forced on us from the _top_ down.
>Not from the "bottom" up... Whose "hidden agendas" is forcing this on us...

It sounds to me as though people are thinking, quite a bit, in fact.  They
may not all be agreeing with your point of view, and your frustration shows.
It's worthwhile to listen to opposing viewpoints while temporarily resting
the eye that sees the opportunities to rebut. It can be difficult to gain
rhetorical ground without acquiesing to the opposition (if you need to see
this subject in that light) some of the time.

>I am proud of being a member of the Barony of Raven's Fort. I am proud to be an
>ANSTEORRAN. I do not need nor want to have to divide my loyality or pride any

Do you really feel your loyalty and pride are divided?  As Baroness of 1000
Eyes, I never felt divided in loyalty or pride.  I was proud to be of 1000
Eyes,  I was proud to be of Artemisia, and I was proud to be of Atenveldt.
As with fealty, what possible conflict or divison can there be? 

>I agree with you on the fact that Artemesia was, and is, a proud place.
>However, given the _fact_ that Artiemsia was "dumped" in a political deal as
>the Outlands became a Kingdom. And the fact that the "important business" of
>the Kingdom of Atenveldt is decided in Arizonia. Artemisia had _no choice_ but
>to become a Principality and now to vie for Kingdom status...

Of course we had a choice.  No one forced us into being a Principality.
Believe it or not, it was our very own idea. And this, in spite of having
been "dumped."  We had our nay-sayers, too.  And for its "folly," Artemisia
has grown, it has grown richer, it has grown stronger, and has grown into a
more and more enjoyable place to play.

>We have a _choice_! This is no "done deal" like many at the Baronial and
>Kingdom level would have us believe... DO NOT BE DUPED! This whole thing is
>politically motivated... It is not the will nor the desire of the populace. 

Who exactly do you think is/are out to dupe us?  What exactly are the
political motivations you so fear?  And I might point out that it is not
*your* will or desire, obviously, but there are (just as obviously) those
who disagree with you.

>>In short, the situation in Atenveldt is a _perfect_ model for us.  Its
>>demographically similar (look at our 'west' and everything in their Kingdom
>>north of Salt Lake and deny it- go ahead, I dare ya), geographically similar
>>(drive from Phoenix to Billings and suddenly Austin to Ammarillo doesnt seem
>>so bad), and  politically similar (yes, other Kingdoms have 'camps' too).
>I'm sorry... Nothing in Atenveldt is a "..._perfect_ model..." for us. The
>drive from anywhere to anywhere in Ansteorra is "that bad" This Kingdom is
>exactly the same size that it's always been... .

I'm afraid you lost me here, Sir Kief.  Just what about Dieter's examples of
mileage are you contesting?  You confuse me, good sir.

Until later

Mst. Aquilanne

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