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>dennis grace wrote:
>> Hi Sir Kief.  Aquilanne here.
>> Sir Kief wrote:<snip>
>> >Show me please, the "different culture" argument as it applies to the
groups or
>> >regions in this Kingdom? We learn from peoples in different
_Kingdoms_... Our
>> >whole Kingdom from the smallest group up to the Kingdom it's self is
>> >diverse... Every group has early, middle, and late period players. The
>> >"division", if one can call it that, is the difference between the
>> >"heavies" v. "light" camps...
>> I suppose it is possible that the Kingdom of Ansteorra is blandly
>> homogenous, but I tend to doubt it.  In the so-far relatively few
>> we've met with folk who have talked about different areas of the
kingdom, it
>> would seem that different areas do indeed own their own identities, and
>> is a wonderful thing.  Ever heard of genetic diversity enhancing the
>> strength of a species?  In a homogenous kingdom, most of the incentive to
>> travel would be demolished, except for those who revel in monotony.
>>You're right, Aquilanne, Ansteorra is not "blandly homogenous", but I would 
>argue that differences have more to do with local groups than regions.
>argument focusses on the question of where to draw the lines.  I understand
>that at the Seneschal's meeting at Elfsea Defender (this was announced by my
>local Seneschal at our last meeting), Duke Inman said the borders would be
>TX/OK Border, extended West to leave the TX Panhandle in the northern 
>principality, then the rest of the kingdom would be divided down I-35,
>Steppes and Elfsea in different principalities (rather like dividing Stargate
>from Loch Sollier), and I don't know what that does to Bjornsborg, Bryn
>Gwlad, Tempio, or Emerald Keep.
>> >Folks...this principality "thing" is being forced on us from the _top_
>> >Not from the "bottom" up... Whose "hidden agendas" is forcing this on
>> >Think!
>> It sounds to me as though people are thinking, quite a bit, in fact.  They
>> may not all be agreeing with your point of view, and your frustration
>> It's worthwhile to listen to opposing viewpoints while temporarily resting
>> the eye that sees the opportunities to rebut. It can be difficult to gain
>> rhetorical ground without acquiesing to the opposition (if you need to see
>> this subject in that light) some of the time.
>> My question remains:  What set in motion the process we're witnessing?
>did the borders Duke Inman described to the local seneschals come from, and
>how firm are they?

The boarders are just the current suggestion, remember that any
Principality would have to be acceptable to the people in that area (or
they would just vote no).  This current set of boarders is a response to
the very legitimate concerns that were raised over one area (the central
Principality) becoming a Kingdom (so day in the distant future) and
splinting Ansteorra in half. This shows I hope that the concerns that are
being raised here and elsewhere in the Kingdom are being heard.

>> >We have a _choice_! This is no "done deal" like many at the Baronial and
>> >Kingdom level would have us believe... DO NOT BE DUPED! This whole
thing is
>> >politically motivated... It is not the will nor the desire of the
>> Who exactly do you think is/are out to dupe us?  What exactly are the
>> political motivations you so fear?  And I might point out that it is not
>> *your* will or desire, obviously, but there are (just as obviously) those
>> who disagree with you.
>I could offer half a dozen paranoid scenarios to answer the question you've
>asked, Aquilanne, that would not be a factual answer to my question.  We
>need answers, not the accusations I could offer.
>As for those who are supportive of the idea of principalities, not one of 
>them has worked to get the signed petitions that would be needed to form
>a principality in their area.  All they've done is say, "hey, neat idea", 
>when the issue came up.  No one has come up with a solid proposal that
>could be voted up or down.  No one has jumped up and said, "I'm going to do
>what it takes to get a principality started in my area," and then followed

It is to early for that to have happened.  This issue was raised to
encourage discussion amongst the populace.  To bring this topic into the
light, so to say.  We need more time to discuss this issue before we start
drawing formal lines and coming up with petitions.  Remember that, with the
exception of those of use who have been playing this game for over 18 years
(back to when Ansteorra was a Principality) or have lived in another
Kingdom (with Principalities), the populace of this Kingdom have no
experience with this issue.  I find that a lot of people have a whole lot
of questions right now and it is our responsibility to try and answer them
in as unbiased a way as possible.

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>> Until later
>> Mst. Aquilanne
>Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc. (now upgraded with ASTA!)
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