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Tue Oct 8 07:21:39 PDT 1996

>The boarders are just the current suggestion, remember that any
>Principality would have to be acceptable to the people in that area (or
>they would just vote no).  This current set of boarders is a response to
>the very legitimate concerns that were raised over one area (the central
>Principality) becoming a Kingdom (so day in the distant future) and
>splinting Ansteorra in half. This shows I hope that the concerns that are
>being raised here and elsewhere in the Kingdom are being heard.

>Burke McCrory
>Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
>burkemc at

Interesting.  In the whole time I have been in the SCA (7-1/2 yrs.) I have
never heard of anyone in the Central area talk about breaking off.  Other
areas yes, but not the Central area.  Can it be that other areas are
assuming that the Central area has the same motives that they have?  And it
is also interesting that the borders are now so flexible, since everyone has
been so insistent that Bonwicke has to be part of the Northern principality.

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