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Tue Oct 8 14:33:15 PDT 1996

On Tue, 08 Oct 1996, "V. Allan Endel" <endel at> wrote:

>Interesting.  In the whole time I have been in the SCA (7-1/2 yrs.) I have
>never heard of anyone in the Central area talk about breaking off.

Hmm.. interesting to me also, since in the whole time I have been in
the SCA (less than a year) I have heard quite a few people discuss the
idea of breaking off into a separate Kingdom from the Central Region.

>  Other areas yes, but not the Central area.

Yep, I have heard that other areas have had this inclination as well,
but not directly from people in those areas. Only from Central
Regioners who have mentioned it.

>  Can it be that other areas are
>assuming that the Central area has the same motives that they have? 

Somehow, I just don't think so. I think we are talking an amalgam of
thoughts throughout the entire Kingdom. Sounds to me as if there are
folks in EVERY region that think this might be interesting, as well as
those who would be opposed. I'm starting to feel like I'm watching the
X-Files with conspiracy theories coming from all corners. It's
starting to make feel a bit uneasy.

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