Rude Slayings

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Tue Oct 8 07:30:56 PDT 1996

dennis grace wrote:
> Also, as to your claim that the spin-and-whack occurs in KFB scenarios, I
> concur.  In the KFB scenario, however, the spin-and-whack is the exception.
> In the non-KFB scenario, it's the primary option.
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> Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

I would just like to emphasize, for those who don't know, that it's not 
legal in any kingdom I know of to strike someone with whom you are not 
engaged.  Even if they come up behind you and try to get your attention. 
 Reaching back and striking someone you haven't looked at is unsafe and 
unchivalrous, in my opinion.

We now return you to your discussion of killing-from-behind (which does 
not involve striking from behind), already in progress...

- Galen
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