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Tue Oct 8 10:34:21 PDT 1996

Greetings fellow combattants...

Kief ponders and replies...

>Lyonel here,
>Sir Kief graciously replied: 
>>I've seen what "killing from behind" leads to... People being hurt... As to
>>the spin and whack comment... I've seen folks from other Kingdoms that allow 
>>K-F-B get served the same way. K-F-B does not stop rude folk from being rude.
>Funny, but my experience has been just the opposite.  Not that I mean to be
>sarcastic; this is exactly the sort of response I was hoping to generate.

No sarcasm taken, Brother. We come from different backgrounds with different
experiences. 'Tis right good to compare them!

>In my experience, wars without KFB cause fighters to go to rather ridiculous
>lengths to claim that opponents are still "engaged" with them.  On a number
>of occasions I've disengaged from opponents (who were occupied with other
>fighters!) later have them follow circuitous routes through obstacles and
>fighting lines in order to strike me in the back of the head.  Likewise,
>chicken-winging seems to occur more frequently.

Here in Ansteorra we have very little of the "engagement claims" you discuss.
The rule here is clear. If fighters are engaged, eye-to-eye or "in an engaged
'line'" then they may be struck from the side or back if they turn away for a
moment. To follow a person for a distance and strike them a solid blow to the
back is Dishonorable and dangerous. 

As a point of information. What is "chicken winging"?

>I will admit, I have seen--in KFB scenarios--the occasional over-zealous warrior
>wrestle or throw an opponent to the ground, but not with any frequency and
>certainly not with any resultant injuries.  

That I've seen also...usually at Pennsic and involving us tossing

>When I was in the East for a melee event a few years ago, the local Knight
>Marshall turned a sour face at my question, claiming that KFB is a dangerous
>practice.  In that event, in which no KFB was allowed, I was blind-sided
>repeatedly, and one fighter was knocked unconscious by a polearm to the back
>of the head.  

Hmmmm...let us define the types of Killing-From-Behind: 1. Weapon in front of
faceplate/eyes--loud voice "You're dead!" 2. Light tap on faceplate/back of
helm--loud voice "You're dead!" 3. Full force shot to helm/back of
body/blindside--Villian laughing at injured fighter... 4. Four "large fighters"
pounding said villian...(Everyone else laughing...)

Of these number 2 seems to be the "best" to me. Number 1 can lead to the
Spin-and-Whack routine. Number 3 leads to number 4...neither of which is
acceptable! Still if we instill the concept of "Honorable Combat" in our
fighters the Spin-and-Whack scenario won't happen (Yeah, I still

Also, as to the fighters that blindside or strike full force from behind... The
LEAST I would do is remove them from further fighting for that event. Second
offence...1 year suspension.

>Also, as to your claim that the spin-and-whack occurs in KFB scenarios, I
>concur.  In the KFB scenario, however, the spin-and-whack is the exception.
>In the non-KFB scenario, it's the primary option.

In Kingdoms where KFB is "normal" I agree. In Kingdoms like Ansteorra where it
is not "normal" the fighters respond to the "perceived threat" with a defensive, Spin-and-Whack... Until we could instill the concept of KFB on a
widespread basis for at least a year the S-a-W would still occur.

To your claim of KFB being the "primary option" in non-KFB scenario. We
discourage the fighters from being close enough to receive the S-a-W when
calling out to their opponent, "Behind you...!" Also, we enforce the "two eye
contact" rule.

>Can you, Cousin, offer any support or rationale for your claim that KFB
>causes more injuries?
>Yours in Service
>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

In my opinion and in observation of many wars (25+) and countless melees.
Unless the combattants are trained in KFB there are going to be injuries. Also,
there will be individuals that say, "(S)he didn't call my 'tap' so I blasted
them..." I've seen and heard this one _many_ times, in many the
injured fighter was hauled away... So, IMO, Killing-From-Behind is not for
Ansteorra...unless the fighters wish to do it. Then we will train them and
utilize the technique. 

In service to Kingdom and People...

Your cousin,

Sir Kief av Kiersted

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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