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Tue Oct 8 08:39:05 PDT 1996

> I understand
> that at the Seneschal's meeting at Elfsea Defender (this was announced by my
> local Seneschal at our last meeting), Duke Inman said the borders would be the
> TX/OK Border, extended West to leave the TX Panhandle in the northern 
> principality, then the rest of the kingdom would be divided down I-35, leaving
> Steppes and Elfsea in different principalities (rather like dividing Stargate
> from Loch Sollier),

My understanding for this was due to mutual dislike for each other.
(Or something along those lines.) I don't play with them enough to know
if that is the case or not. (Personally, I dont give a damn either.)

> and I don't know what that does to Bjornsborg, Bryn
> Gwlad, Tempio, or Emerald Keep.

My understanding is those of us ON the I-35 line will go to the west.

But then again, we have no hard facts, just the request to discuss it
and give our input.


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I must interject here.  There is no mutual "dislike" between the
          Steppes and Elfsea.  We have worked very hard to build an
          area where our two Baronies can work together and learn from
          each other.  The dividing line which was discussed came from
          somewhere other than ourselves from what I've been aware of.


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