From the Seneschale

Richard Bainter pug at
Tue Oct 8 10:01:36 PDT 1996

> I must interject here.  There is no mutual "dislike" between the
>           Steppes and Elfsea.  We have worked very hard to build an
>           area where our two Baronies can work together and learn from
>           each other.  The dividing line which was discussed came from
>           somewhere other than ourselves from what I've been aware of.

Apparently I am mistaken then. If what you say is true, it would be a
mistake to divide you up then! Mistakes have been made before though.


Phelim Uhtred Gervas  | "I want to be called. COTTONTIPS. There is something 
Barony of Bryn Gwlad  |  graceful about that lady. A young woman bursting with 
House Flaming Dog     |  vigor. She blinked at the sudden light. She writes
pug at           |  beautiful poems. When ever shall we meet again?"

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