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Tue Oct 8 10:38:00 PDT 1996

>> been "dumped."  We had our nay-sayers, too.  And for its "folly," 
>> has grown, it has grown richer, it has grown stronger, and has grown into 
>> more and more enjoyable place to play.
>        I belive that is the biggest problem with this current situation.
> This whole proposal came from up on High. This was not the populace's 
> This is not what the populace wants!

It has the *appearance* of having come from on high. Unless and until the 
original proponents choose to publically reveal themselves, we must keep 
firmly in mind that the Crown has only served to relay a request made by 
some unknown number of faceless individuals who are, and were, also members 
of the populace.  From the nature of the discussions with which I am 
familiar, the Requestors may have good reason to wish to remain anonymous.

>        I truly belive that in ten years or so we *will* have a 
> in this kingdom, but not until the PEOPLE get together and decide that it 
> right for them.  THe good gentles of Ravensmarchland or BjornsGwladia or
> Weisnstepps  (or wherever the PEOPLE decide to draw the line) will know 
> the time is right!

timo, you left out the Elfstepfeldkeepers. For shame, m'lord. <gryn>

A great deal of the smoke&mirrors portion of the current proposal seems to 
revolve around "who will get to keep the identity of 'Ansteorra'?" 
 Godshelpme, I've gotta throw out ANOTHER proposal: *everybody* keeps 
Ansteorra. Bear with me a minute, Amra's headed out to the back orchards 
with this one. (Ya know, the place where a ":good:" Arabic-type hides the 
winepress for his non-Islamic hirelings to produce the vintages that lead to 
such outre` thoughts ....)

Proposed: if&when Ansteorra is divided into principalities, those 
principalities will indeed be permitted to advance to kingdom status at such 
time as they qualify. Upon their individual qualification as kingdoms, 
Ansteorra is advanced to the rank, titles, and estate of "Empire". The 
"Empire" newsletter remains the _Black Star_, the tournament-chosen leader 
becomes "Imperator/Imperatrix", and so forth. Individual kingdoms & 
remaining principalities have dedicated sections within the newsletter, in 
addition to Imperial-level communications and event announcements covering 
the whole of the current (AS XXXI *plus* negotiated additions) lands 
comprising Ansteorra.

Too wierd, no doubt. But does anyone else have a better solution that still 
allows all of Ansteorra to remain Ansteorran in perpetuity?

     Thoughts Upon The Strength of One Star
          Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra
          (copyright Mike C. Baker 1996; standard SCA permission to
           publish granted: I get a copy of the publication, by-line
           should credit SCA & mundane names, retain copyright notice.)

     A single Star, unique in the heavens of this world
     A single Star, forged of the sparks from a rattan sword
     A single Star, brightly dark in the minds of one people
     ANSTEORRA, dark-star banners fly from every steeple

     Unique, standing proud in the plains of the coast
     Strong-forged, resting upon hills where men boast
     Dark-visaged, yet bright in the hills and the forested lands
     ANSTEORRA, nation where the bold hero stands

     Far-reaching, the report of her children's worth
     Sharp-edged, the night-tales of her ancient birth
     Thought-ringed, we still wonder at what we might do
     ANSTEORRA, mother to all who by her stand true.

     Golden banner with the dark star, flowing:
     Here's to your legend forever growing!

Kihe Blackeagle (the Dreamsinger Bard)  s.k.a. Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri 
     currently residing in Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra
Mike C. Baker                      mbaker at
Any opinions expressed are obviously my own unless explicitly stated 

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