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Tue Oct 8 14:56:42 PDT 1996

Mike Baker wrote:
> >> been "dumped."  We had our nay-sayers, too.  And for its "folly,"
> Artemisia
> >> has grown, it has grown richer, it has grown stronger, and has grown into
> a
> >> more and more enjoyable place to play.
> >        I belive that is the biggest problem with this current situation.
> > This whole proposal came from up on High. This was not the populace's
> idea!
> > This is not what the populace wants!
> It has the *appearance* of having come from on high. Unless and until the
> original proponents choose to publically reveal themselves, we must keep
> firmly in mind that the Crown has only served to relay a request made by
> some unknown number of faceless individuals who are, and were, also members
> of the populace.  From the nature of the discussions with which I am
> familiar, the Requestors may have good reason to wish to remain anonymous.

I don't think there would be the same tone to many of these postings IF
the individuals in question would show who "THEY" are.  So, until I hear
something different, I have to assume it is coming from the crown and
the kingdom seneschal.  Besides, the only person I heard had questioned
Ansteorra's lack of a principality was a BOD member at Pennsic who found
it curious we did not have one.

now its 4 cents...

Mistress Meadhbh

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