Principalaities *sigh*

beth zimmerman bethzimm at
Tue Oct 8 13:19:17 PDT 1996

At 11:08 AM 10/8/96 U, Gunthar wrote:
>The point that Principalities will only benefit the stick jocks who aren't
>good enough to win Crown is mistaken.  I do agree that the "stick jocks" and
>consorts will get the most benefit from a Principality but there will be
>several other offices within the area which would contribute to gentles of
>several different skills.  I know that there are already Regional
>representatives of these offices but I feel that holding the office of (for
>example) Seneschal of the Principality of SteppesSea will hold a little more
>Also in reference to another posting, as a long time member of the Barony of
>the Steppes and having just stepped down as the Defender of Elfsea, I did not
>know of any animosity between our two groups. 

Good gentles,
  I was going to stay out of this, since I am fairly new to the Game.  I have
some feelings about changing things when I haven't got them all figure out, but
I do have some thoughts.  My understanding is that this idea came up from some
group of people, yet unkown, and that the crown is not publicly leaning one
way or the other.  It is the populaces discision.  If we don't want it, it won't
happen.  It's also, not something that will happen over night.  If you don't or
do want it, vote that way.  
  I was thinking that this would give us a chance to build as those of you
who were here in the early days built Ansteorra.  I'm still thinking about this
and as yet have not made my dicision as to how to vote.  It has got everyone's
attention though.

Afrena O'Dunlaing
Barony of Namron

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