Principalaities *sigh*

Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at
Tue Oct 8 11:08:19 PDT 1996

The point that Principalities will only benefit the stick jocks who aren't
good enough to win Crown is mistaken.  I do agree that the "stick jocks" and
consorts will get the most benefit from a Principality but there will be
several other offices within the area which would contribute to gentles of
several different skills.  I know that there are already Regional
representatives of these offices but I feel that holding the office of (for
example) Seneschal of the Principality of SteppesSea will hold a little more

Also in reference to another posting, as a long time member of the Barony of
the Steppes and having just stepped down as the Defender of Elfsea, I did not
know of any animosity between our two groups. 



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