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Michael Tucker wrote:
> Greetings all, from Michael Silverhands:
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> I am writing today mostly in response to a concern expressed by both
> Viscount Sir Galen of Bristol and Sir Kief. They have asked the
> question, "Where did this idea come from? It seems to be an idea forced
> on the populace by our leaders." 

I have never suggested that we were being forced, nor do I believe that
we are being forced.  I would like to know the origin of the current

>Sir William of Weir and Duke Hector,
> among others, spoke last night of the many times this idea was raised
> before *by the populace* of various regions of Ansteorra (at least once
> in Oklahoma, and several times in the Stargate area). 

I recall twice from the Stargate area, in '86 and '88 (I think), but I
never heard this seriously come up from Oklahoma.

>Each time before,
> "the door was closed" by the rest of the kingdom and its leaders because
> the issue was being raised "for the wrong reasons", or because they felt
> it was "the wrong time". 

My reason for opposing it was that, living in Bryn Gwlad as I did at the
time, I didn't want to be in a principality with Stargate.  You're a
great guy Michael, but I can't say as I feel that way about all Stargaters.

>NOW, we have a Crown and a Kingdom Seneschal
> who have said, in effect: "We think this might be the right time, and we
> have heard some good reasons [over the years, or lately] from our
> populace. If you are still interested in creating Principalities in
> Ansteorra, the door is open." They have proposed a way to draw the
> borders, but they have made it clear that nothing is "written in stone"
> at this time, and in fact the last version of the borders I heard (here
> on the net) is very close to a version Sir Kief discussed with me last
> night, and is quite different from the original proposal.

Are you saying authoritatively that this proposal-which-we-have-been-
assured-is-not-a-proposal comes originally from the Crown and the
Kingdom Seneschal, and not from someone else as TRM have posted to this

> Forgive me, Galen and Kief, but this does not seem to me to be an idea
> being forced down our throats from above. 

I certainly agree we are not being forced.

>If anything, it seems to be a
> new spin on some old ideas that have been kicking around the kingdom
> almost since we had a kingdom. Whether the proposal has merit, let alone
> the support of the populace, remains to be seen. Each of us will have to
> decide that for ourselves, I think. It may be that, like the times
> before, this proposal will be taken "back to the forge" for some more
> hammering, to be brought out again at some later time. It may be that
> this time the populace will be ready for the idea, and will get behind
> it. Either way, I believe that *nothing* will happen unless *we, the
> people*, make it so. Maybe I'm naive, but I'd rather spend my energy
> considering the proposal on its merits *regardless* of how it came to be
> brought before us at this time, than looking for a conspiracy to explain
> that question.
> I don't look for a conspiracy; I look for a motivator, an originator.  I
simply don't understand why the answer to this question has to be "just
discuss the idea, not the motive, not the source of the idea".  I have
given this proposal long and considered thought and writing in this forum.
Now I feel entitled to know how this topic came to be at the center of our 
public discourse.

> So, fellow "listeners at the post", I charge you: *listen* to the
> proposal and its pros and cons; *think* about your take on the issues;
> *share* your thoughts with the rest of us (and, especially, the Crown);
> and, when the time comes, *act* on your beliefs, be they for or against.
> By my way of thinking, that is how our society (little 's') was founded,
> and how our Society (big 's') grows.
> Thank you for your time, and for considering my words.
> I remain yours, in service and in faith,
> Michael Tucker / Michael Silverhands, Baron of Stargate, Ansteorra

Good to hear from you, Michael,

- Galen

Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc. (now upgraded with ASTA!)
Paul Mitchell, pmitchel at / "noblesse oblige"

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