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>Michael Tucker wrote:
>> Greetings all, from Michael Silverhands:
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>> I am writing today mostly in response to a concern expressed by both
>> Viscount Sir Galen of Bristol and Sir Kief. They have asked the
>> question, "Where did this idea come from? It seems to be an idea forced
>> on the populace by our leaders." 
>I have never suggested that we were being forced, nor do I believe that
>we are being forced.  I would like to know the origin of the current
>>Sir William of Weir and Duke Hector,
>> among others, spoke last night of the many times this idea was raised
>> before *by the populace* of various regions of Ansteorra (at least once
>> in Oklahoma, and several times in the Stargate area). 
>I recall twice from the Stargate area, in '86 and '88 (I think), but I
>never heard this seriously come up from Oklahoma.

I came up very seiously during Inman's 5th reign.  It went so far that
there was a meeting held at Wiesenfeuer's Yule Revel to talk about it.  


>> I remain yours, in service and in faith,
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>Good to hear from you, Michael,
>- Galen
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